Fitness Tips For Staying in Shape During The Summer

Who wants to workout in a stuffy crowded gym on a sunny summer day? After all, you have ample opportunity to add variety to your workout by taking it outside. With the right strategies, you can stay fit during the summertime and turn the outdoors into your gym.

Home workouts don’t necessarily mean working out at home. You can use your backyard, park, community recreation center, church facilities, beach or lake (if you’re lucky enough to live near one), or anywhere that you can savor sunshine, warmth, and bask in the outdoors.

So, mix things up and find a new summer fitness routine Here are a few ideas:

Try a different walking or running route
Take a park fitness class with friends
Join an outdoor volleyball league
Do a sunrise yoga class
Hire a personal trainer and work out at your park
Take a day trip to a nearby hiking spot
Alternate walking along the lake with bodyweight exercises like squats, lunges, and push-ups
Whether you decide to try something new or stick take your typically routine outdoors, keep these two crucial elements in mind when exercising outdoors in the summer

Move more, period.
Take precautions to stay safe during warm weather.
Always talk with your doctor and get a physical examination before you begin any exercise program, especially with more intense workouts.

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